New Year Goals … 11 goals to make the new year better

New Year Goals ... 11 goals to make the new year better
New Year Goals ... 11 goals to make the new year better

Defining and planning goals for the new year is one of the habits of successful or determined people , and with the end of each year it will be fruitful to spend some time drawing up a new year’s plan and setting priorities for the new year, and the new year’s plan usually includes the material, moral, cognitive and social aspects that we want to develop. And its development in the new year.
In this video we present to you eleven effective goals for the new year , these goals belong to the door of character development and self-development in the new year, but achieving the simple goals of the new year in this video will have an impact on the whole year’s plan and in all its aspects, and these simple goals will help us achieve Effectively more complex annual goals; Watch proposed goals for the new year.

How do I write new year goals?

Making a decision to plan for the new year and wanting to implement the goals of the new year is the most important and difficult step, as for how to write the goals for the new year; There are a number of methods, strategies, and techniques that can be relied upon to write goals and define them , we mention for you, including:

  1. SMART: The SMART Goals method is one of the most common ways to define and write goals, not only in terms of writing personal goals for the new year, but also in major commercial companies and even government planning. The SMART goals must meet five criteria:
    • Specific.
    • Measurable.
    • Achievable.
    • Realistic and closely related to you and your motivations.
    • Time-bound.
      Read more about SMART goals and examples of setting SMART goals by clicking here .
  2. Enhancing the mental plan through programming the subconscious mind: One of the most important techniques for writing the goals of the new year and striving to achieve them is programming the subconscious mind, by writing the goals in a place it always sees, and using the subconscious programming techniques to reinforce what you are seeking mentally.
  3. Time plan for goals: And if we are talking about an annual plan for the new year; But some people tend to set a quarterly or semi-annual plan, or even set monthly, weekly and daily goals, or all of that together, it depends on the type of goals you seek and the extent of your ability to achieve them in the time period you specify.
  4. Goals related to self-rewards: One of the techniques for writing goals for the new year is that your goals are linked to satisfactory results and rewards. Some of them write, “ When I reach the new goal in productivity, I will give myself a two-day vacation at the beach ,” and another writes, “ If the semi-annual results are good I will give myself a new phone, “but beware and give yourself rewards without achieving goals !.

Tips for achieving new year goals

  • Create an independent implementation plan, despite the importance of defining and writing the goals of the new year, but it will remain ink on paper without an implementation plan, the executive plan specifies the actual actions that you will take to achieve your goals, if your goal is to buy a car at the end of the year; The executive plan must include saving and saving measures , new sources of income, payment method … etc.
  • A realistic and elaborate plan has much more opportunities than fictional and random plans , as well as realistic and achievable goals have greater opportunities than fictional and very remote goals.
  • Do not put the cart in front of the horse! Where you must arrange your goals according to priority and sequence, as for priority is to put the goals that are most important and closest to the achievement in the correct time frame at the top of the list, and the sequence is to place goals that lead to other goals in their right place.
  • Review the development of your plan periodically, perhaps a weekly review is best, or at least monthly, and you must carefully study the validity of the time plan that you follow to amend it when necessary.
  • Finally … be flexible; Defining and writing goals for the new year does not mean that it has turned into a constitution that must be strictly adhered to. Rather, you must be adapted to changes, circumstances and blind spots in order to be able to amend your plans in the appropriate time and form.

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