I hate my job, what should I do? Tips to overcome job hate

I hate my job, what should I do? Tips to overcome job hate
I hate my job, what should I do? Tips to overcome job hate

“ I hate work..I want to leave my job..not comfortable with my work. ” These and many other phrases we hear frequently in our lives from people who do not have the desire to go to work for many reasons, but if the situation continues like this without taking steps forward or finding Solutions will end the matter either with depression in the person, or a quick resignation without thinking, or the presentation and completion of the work incorrectly, only to be completed in order to be delivered no more, regardless of the results.

I hate my job, what should I do ? If you really feel that you hate your job, you should read the following tips to find the appropriate solution:

1- Do not express your feeling
Do not say “I hate my work” in front of everyone. Just admit it between you and yourself, your family or one of your close friends, and make sure that you do not hesitate to publicly at work or anywhere else, and do not use social media to vent your feeling that you are You hate your job, this will not only be seen by your colleagues or your manager, but it may affect your future career, so if you think about changing your job and employers search for your name on search engines, it is easy for them to find what you have posted about your previous job and your feelings towards it.

2- Know that you are not the only one:
“ I hate teaching, I hate pharmacy, I hate law. ” You are not the only one who hates your work. You will find many people in various fields who share this feeling with you, but the important thing is to find solutions to get rid of this feeling, identify the positives and reinforce them And try to eliminate or replace the negatives.

3- Do not give up quickly:
Do not submit your resignation without thinking, you must at least have found another job or alternatives. And before thinking about quitting, you must give yourself many opportunities and try to solve things quickly. Think carefully. You may hate your job at this particular time because you have a problem with your friend or family member. Think about solutions that make you happier at work. Change your shift hours if this is a problem. for example.

4- Prepare to search for a job:
If you decide that you cannot continue this work, you must prepare to search for a job with complete confidentiality, update your profile on sites specialized in providing job opportunities such as LinkedIn so that your account can be accessed and your CV is read by institutions Work and individuals. You can also take advantage of the search engines to find the job that matches your experience and competence.

5- Resignation:
After searching for the right job, present your resignation in a nice manner, without implanting hatred or enmity between you and those you will leave, because one day they were your friends and colleagues.

” I want to leave my job ” You can leave it safely when you are sure that you have taken all the previous steps. In conclusion, we advise you not to continue with work that does not provide you with feelings of safety and happiness, and does not offer you your lowest rights, always move towards the best.

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