How do I create a personal plan for the new year?

How do I create a personal plan for the new year?
How do I create a personal plan for the new year?

Personally, I feel anxious in the last month of the year. I look carefully at the year that will be folding its book in days, as if it were faster than I wanted, and I look with anticipation at the year that will begin and hope it will be better.
think; How will I build a personal plan for the New Year? How will I be able to avoid the mistakes I made in the past year? Will I be able to improve my situation in the New Year? How will I benefit from the experiences I have had in the past year?
Let’s try to answer these questions together, and you can share your opinion.

How do I learn from last year’s experiences?
We do not exaggerate if we say that many people view the recent past negatively, while they deal with the distant past with greater reconciliation, see, for example, the elderly, most of them consider that their time was better than this time, and they think that everything was better than it is now. But at the same time, they believe that next year will be better than the current year!
From our point of view, this is due to the fact that the evaluation of the past is often fictional and far from reality, while realizing benefit from previous experiences needs a realistic evaluation with a paper and a pen, let’s try!

  1. The division of the past year into achievements and failures, in
    order to be able to monitor what happened in the past, must separate the achievements and failures, and of course this requires that you have set goals at the beginning of the year.
    But if you did not set specific goals at the beginning of last year, try to identify the events that you consider achievements, and the things that you think you have failed to achieve, and remember that it is not logical to be absolutely successful or completely failed.
    Think about your work accomplishments, a failed love relationship, your savings and your debts , think of your parents ’approval for you, the happiness of your family members that you are a part of, of someone you failed to save from danger …. etc.
  2. How was your year on the emotional level?
    Do not expect that there is a person who can be successful in all matters in the same year. He who achieves great achievements on the level of the job may fail to achieve family stability, and whoever achieves one goal must fail in another, so it is more beneficial to separate between Different levels.
    Think of emotional matters separately from material matters, see your educational plan separately from the recreation plan, etc., and then evaluate each section separately.
  3. Give yourself a fair evaluation
    while remembering the events of the past year, make sure that you give yourself a fair evaluation, do not be a self-perpetrator , do not be a narcissist , hold the stick in the middle, and give yourself a rating out of ten.
    It may be good to give your last year a name, for example, call it the year of achievements, or the year of stalling in place, or perhaps the year of great changes.
  4. Be honest with yourself,
    make sure that being honest with yourself is the only way to benefit from your past experiences and to be able to develop a logical and achievable annual personal plan. Do not be a fraud , and make sure that you know yourself well and do not lie to yourself.

How do you plan for the new year?

When you evaluate the last year, you are half way towards creating an annual personal plan for the new year, and at the beginning you must identify the outstanding matters that will move with you to the new year, and then you set the new things that you will set as goals for the next year.

  1. Set goals for the new year : One of the most popular theories in setting goals is that your goals are SMART Goals and are subject to five criteria as follows :
    • Specific specific goals: In the first place, he finds that your goals are clear and specific, so move away from ambiguous goals, instead of saying an example I want to become an educated person , say I will read 20 books in the next year, and it is better to define and write the titles.
    • Measurable goals: What is meant by measurable goals is that the goals are not of the type that cannot be followed or measured their development day after day, the twenty books of a measurable goal, so at the end of the year you will be able to determine the number of books you have read and you will be able to determine a percentage of the effectiveness of your performance.
    • Achievable goals: The new year goals must also be achievable, so do not set a goal that you know in advance that it is impossible, because in the end you will feel a failure when you are not able to achieve it, this does not mean that you set easy goals, but rather difficult and perhaps very difficult goals But it is verifiable.
    • Realistic goals: Adhere to realism , it is not enough to be able to achieve the goal, but the goal must be realistic and closely related to what you think, and in proportion to your abilities and aspirations.
    • Time-based goals : One of the most important elements of smart goals is that they are time-related and trackable. Set a time plan for each of your goals, and make sure that you closely monitor it according to this plan.
  2. Create a logical time plan : Follow the economists’ method of dividing the year into three or four equal parts, define the goals that you will implement in each quarter, and make sure that you review them in a timely manner and evaluate your performance.
  3. Section goals : As you did in the evaluation of last year, you must divide the goals into specific categories, so let your emotional goals be in a separate part, your material goals in another part, and your career or educational goals each has its place, at the end of each year you will realize the strengths and weaknesses In your personality, you will thus be able to recognize the side that needs development.
  4. Get rid of pending matters : When you try to set your goals according to the criteria we mentioned, make sure that you give priority to getting rid of pending matters and making decisions that were not resolved in the past year, as pending decisions are often a major source of psychological pressure and obstructing the achievement of goals.
  5. Write down your thoughts : out of sight is far from the heart, so your plan must be within your reach on a daily basis, write your goals beautifully, use colors and scraps of papers and hang them on the wall in your room, some fear others ridicule so they do not hang their goals in front of others, but if you want to Have a good year, forget about others and think about achieving your goals, and in the worst case, put your plan as a wallpaper for the screen of your computer or mobile phone, it is important that your goals are written and within your reach throughout the day.
  6. Give a name to this year : It is good to give a special name to the new year, you may think that it is the year of great accomplishments, or the year of graduation, or the year of learning skills, and perhaps the year of rearranging the papers, think of the appropriate name and when you reach the end of the year see if it is worth This name or not.
    It can also name each quarter of the year separately, according to the goals you set in advance.
  7. Start your New Year with celebration : Away from the religious symbols of the New Year and what some consider forbidden or hated, in our place we look at New Year as an abstract point in time that means your transition from one year to another, and we suggest that this transition be happy, celebrate yourself and yourself, and give yourself a gift Every year as a thank you for what I have accomplished in the past world.

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